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Huge HABITRAIL Hamster/Small Animal lot

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You get all of what you see in these photos. Everything is sanitized, cleaned, boxed up and ready for your little friend to dive in! All the photos that are seen in this listing, were taken last week 3/28/22.If it has an X through it, then the item is previously sold and not included. From non-smoking home. To get this collection not only is an awesome and fantastic starter set, but outside of shavings and food, there isn’t a thing you will need!Took meticulous care of everything. Everything is in great condition, with the exception of some typical small animal day to day scratches and wear spots, but if it was in crappy condition, I did not include in the lot. This entire collection probably ran me about $1000 in total.This lot was Used for my sons hamsters. We preferred a roomy & spacious habitat that allowed for exploring and burrowing so we went crazy! We Used everything you see here to span a wall, extending over 8’ with multiple levels to allow a super fun experience and life.I don’t know a kid or perhaps adult that wouldn’t love this! The kids can create, design and build something amazing over and over! Much better than having them sit in front of the phones that’s for sure

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